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Otis Design and Manufacturing was formed as the result of a need for labor saving equipment related to the set up and installation of lighting equipment and décor items for special events, specifically in event tents and structures.


Our flagship product, the Multi-Bracket hardware system, was conceived in 2005 and was field tested and improved upon for three years. The Multi-Bracket and related accessories are designed to reduce the amount of labor needed for typical and custom installations of event related equipment, and give a finished and professional appearance to the completed project.


Please follow us as we expand and develop this and other lines of hardware, lighting, and decorative products for the special event and other industries.


Our mission is to provide quality products designed to improve the bottom line and expand the capabilities of our clients businesses.

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The Rental Show 2014

01/28/2013 17:21
Please visit us at the Tentwares Accessory Catalog booth in Orlando, Florida!   February 9- 12 at booth number 3533   www.therentalshow.com/