The Multi Bracket is a tent pole clamp designed to install in minutes without the use of any hand tools. With four to eight t-slots – depending on the clamp size – it is a multi –functional, labor ($!!) saving piece of equipment. Attach our t-nuts to your gear – par cans, chandeliers, fire extinguishers, exit signs, speakers, dimmers, lighting strands… whatever you have that needs to be suspended and falls within the weight limits. Use our accessories to expand your lighting and decoration profit centers, adapt your gear easily, use your imagination and adapt the system to your needs.



            Part # MB2 Smaller Multi Bracket – fits 2” side poles – holds 50 lbs.

            Part # MB3S Medium Multi Bracket – fits 3” ctr/side poles holds 100 lbs            

            Part # MB3 Medium Multi Bracket – fits 3-1/2” ctr/side poles holds 100 lbs

            Part # MB4 Large Multi Bracket – fits 4-1/2” center poles- holds 100 lbs.

            Part # MB5 XLarge Multi Bracket – fits 5” center poles – holds 100 lbs.

            Part # MB6 XXLarge Multi Bracket – fits 6” center poles – holds 100 lbs.

  Rubber shims are available to adapt Multi Brackets to "odd" size poles.

 Standard T-nuts are drilled and tapped with 1/4 - 20 mounting holes.

 Heavy duty T - nuts come drilled and tapped with one 1/2 - 13 hole, and one 3/8 - 16 hole.



Exit signs, Par cans, pin spots, LED floods, accent lighting

Dimmer switches, power gang-boxes

Paper lanterns - Put T nuts on the ends of your light strands.

Hanging plants, flowers

Center and side pole draping, fabric panels, lattice panels - just about anything you can fit with a T nut that does not exceed the weight requirements!


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